Vegan Recipe Collection by Kate Witkowski

Vegan Recipe Collection

2 Week Menu Plan with 40 Recipes including
Images, Shopping List and Nutrition Information
Plus 125 Gap Recipes & 72 Pocket Recipes

Vegan Corner

Menu Plans to Get Organized
Recipes to Say WOW!!!

Frustrated when 5 o’clock rolls around and all of your great food ideas from earlier in the day are MIA along with the ingredients … somewhere down Aisle 2?

Well, stop here... Grab our vegan download

Vegan in a Flash – 
Menu Plans to Get Organized
Recipes to Say WOW!!!

Whether you are vegan, looking to go vegan or just want a few great recipes to pass "GO" … we’ve got you covered with well-organized menu plans and ravishing recipes waiting to meet your vegan kitchen table!

​Never run short of tasty ideas again! ​Make vegan meal planning a cinch!

​Here is what we've created to reduce the stress of mealtime:

  • A two-week menu plan with 40 vegan recipes, complete with images, nutrition information and a shopping list. You can view the images in the slide deck below.
  • 125 "gap" recipes, in case you just don't feel like what's on the menu (gasp!). 
  • 72 "pocket" recipes, to have in your back pocket for whenever the mood strikes.

Here's how these great recipes can be yours ....

​Download the 3 PDF files for $4.99 now! 

These recipes are also included in Green Hat Lady's Kitchen Menu Plans and Gap Recipes.

A Few Recipe Videos to Watch & Enjoy!

Garlic Tofu & Bean Stir-Fry Recipe Vid
Chocolate Peanut Date Balls
Buckwheat Tabbouleh