Green Hat Lady's Recipe Bungalow by Kate Witkowski

Green Hat Lady's Recipe Bungalow

We've Got Recipes to Get Organized and Say WOW!!!

Never run short of ideas for a delicious meal you and your family will love! 

Our Recipe Bungalow collection is filled with slightly more than 64,100 tasty recipes organized into themes, which you can check out in the infographic to the left. 

You get just the recipes in downloadable PDF files. There are no images, shopping lists or menu plans. Just the recipes!

You don't need to download them all at once, unless you want to. You get a login so that you can return to your purchase any time. 

Other than the 72 vegan recipes, the recipes in this collection are not included in any of my other collections.

Sit back with a cup of tea and plan some delicious meals!

Enjoy Some Recipe Videos!

Garlic Oil Sautéed Broccoli with Pasta

Flatbread with Grapes, Gruyère and Onions

Greek Style Stuffed Mushrooms

Thai Chicken Zoodle Soup

Black Currant Crisp

Plum Smoothie

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